The purpose of this SELLER POLICIES AND GUIDELINES (“Seller Policy”) is to assist users in their use of SellSwipe and achieving the best user experience. Use of SellSwipe requires compliance and acceptance of SellSwipe’s User Policies, which include the Terms of ServicePrivacy Policy, and Copyright Policy (collectively “User Policies”). Review and acceptance of the User Policies is required before a person can create a SellSwipe user account. In the event of any conflict between the terms of the Seller Policy and the User Policies, the terms of the User Policies will control. If you have any questions about the terms of the User Policies, you can contact us at

The terms of SellSwipe’s Seller Policy are intended to: 

  • Support laws and regulations
  • Minimize risks to businesses and individuals
  • Provide equal opportunity to all businesses and individuals
  • Protect intellectual property rights
  • Provide an enjoyable buying and selling experience
  • Support the values of the SellSwipe community


Please make sure your listings follow our guidelines. If they do not, they could be removed and your buying and selling privileges limited and/or revoked.

SellSwipe's policies are intended to help create a safer, rewarding, and more transparent shopping experience that empowers all users to take control of their shopping journey. As a user of SellSwipe (business or individual), you are responsible for reviewing and staying up to date on all of our policies, as well as all applicable laws and regulations in your region. For more information please read our Terms of Service.

We recommend that you learn about SellSwipe’s policies and guidelines before using the platform or listing an item. This will help you avoid violation of our rules and remain in good standing on SellSwipe’s platform. Also, SellSwipe's policies and guidelines are updated often to address emerging issues, so it is important to check them regularly for updates.

Please follow these guidelines; if you do not, you may be subject to a range of actions, including, but not limited to, limits placed on your buying and selling privileges and/or suspension or deletion of your account.


Account Creation Rules

Anyone accessing the SellSwipe platform:

  1. Must be at least 18 years old
  2. Cannot misrepresent their identity in any capacity
  3. Must keep their contact information up to date
  4. Cannot choose a misleading username, for example, use a celebrity’s name as their username
  5. Must accept the terms of the Privacy Policy


Acceptable Listing Practices

To allow for a satisfying and enjoyable experience on SellSwipe when listing items, we’ve established guidelines on acceptable practices. 

General Rules:

  1. Select the correct category and subcategory for your listing.
  2. Provide a clear, honest, and accurate description of your listing and its condition.
  3. Do not spam keywords in your listing’s information to make your post more visible.
  4. An item’s description and terms of sale cannot be included in an image; they have to be in the listing’s designated fields.
  5. No use of profanity, anywhere, or in conjunction with other platforms or functions
  6. No website links can be included within a listing’s description


Items listed on SellSwipe must be new, like new, or in lightly used condition. Any item that appears to have excessive wear and tear will be removed from the platform. We aren’t your mom’s garage sale. We acknowledge that there will be exceptions to these rules, especially when it comes to antique items, but we place a premium on only having secondhand items that people are interested in purchasing.

It's against our policies to do anything that manipulates the searching or browsing experience on SellSwipe, such as listing an item using misleading information so that it shows up in more searches. This applies to all parts of a listing, including, but not limited to, the title, description, pictures, or price. If you use any tactic that inappropriately diverts buyers to a listing, SellSwipe will take action in accordance to our policies. In addition to rules that apply to all SellSwipe users, SellSwipe also has rules specifically about reviews, buying, and selling.

Whenever issues between users arise, we may consider an individual's performance history and the specific circumstances to determine how we apply and enforce our rules and policies. SellSwipe’s decision to enforce its policies is within its sole discretion. Any choice by SellSwipe to not enforce any terms of the Seller Policy or User Policies shall not operate as a waiver of any of those terms.


Prohibited Listing Characteristics

Listings on SellSwipe cannot have the following characteristics:

  1. Images
    1. Images that are unclear, too small, too dark, or too bright
    2. Images that do not show the whole item or the actual item
    3. Images that are inconsistent with the item description
    4. Images that are not clean (e.g. images with frames, text, logos, or watermarks)
    5. Images that are cell phone screenshots or composite images
    6. Main images which do not clearly illustrate the item
    7. Images that contain phone numbers, emails, and links are not allowed
    8. Images that have already been uploaded by you or another member (duplicates)
  2. Descriptions
    1. Descriptions directing buyers to sites off SellSwipe
    2. Descriptions offering more than one item for sale
    3. Descriptions with profanity, offensive or inappropriate words
    4. Descriptions containing cell phone numbers or other personal contact information
  3. Pricing
    1. Entering a low price to attract buyers, but articulating a higher price in the description or when communicating with buyers
    2. Listings with a false price that attempts to garner unwarranted attention from other users
  4. Duplicates
    1. Multiple listings for the same item are prohibited. These listings will be flagged and removed from the application immediately.


Completing the Sale

If you and another user come to terms and want to proceed with a transaction, please use the designated meetup function located within the chat thread on the SellSwipe mobile application. This function is designed for your safety. We recommend conducting transactions in public places, but please use your best judgment when determining a location to meet with other users.


Prohibited User Behavior

In addition to the behavior prohibited in the Terms of Service, SellSwipe users are not allowed to:

  1. Interfere with the app’s functionality
  2. Use profanity anywhere on the application
  3. Infringe on SellSwipe's or any other party’s intellectual property
  4. Create multiple accounts to avoid restrictions or limits on listing items
  5. Falsely report that another member has violated any of our policies


Communication between Users

In addition to the behavior prohibited in the Terms of Service, SellSwipe users are prohibited from:

  1. Spamming users
  2. Harassing users
  3. Stalking users
  4. Threatening users


SellSwipe's Responsibilities

  1. SellSwipe collects and uses user information only as described in the Privacy Policy
  2. SellSwipe employees, contractors, affiliates, and subsidiaries are bound by all SellSwipe policies and guidelines.
  3. SellSwipe appreciates your ideas, but considers these unsolicited idea submissions as non-binding.
  4. Please see the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for further information regarding SellSwipe’s responsibilities towards its users.


Special Circumstances

Yard Sale / Garage Sale / Estate Sale

Advertising your yard sale, garage sale, or estate sale on SellSwipe is not permitted for privacy and functionality reasons. However, we do encourage you to list items you may not have sold at your completed yard, garage, or estate sale only if said items are close to new and don’t show signs of use. SellSwipe is meant to supplement these types of events. However, advertising your private, residential address is dangerous and should be avoided.


Prohibited Listing Policies

Our policies are often based on country and state laws, although in some cases, they may also be based on input from our customers and our own discretion, especially for dangerous or sensitive items.

SellSwipe’s policies cover 2 main areas—prohibited and potentially infringing items

  1. Prohibited items are not allowed to be sold on SellSwipe, often because they are illegal or involve strict federal or state regulations. Examples include:
    1. Chance listings that promote giveaways, random drawings, raffles, or prizes
    2. Firearms, weapons, and knives
    3. Offensive material, which includes items that are racially or ethnically inappropriate
    4. Prohibited services, which include services that are illegal or sexual in nature or that violate SellSwipe’s Terms of Use
  2. Potentially infringing items may be in violation of certain copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights. So some items are not allowed (even though they may be legal) because they often violate copyright or trademark laws. This also applies to certain types of information that appear in listings. Examples of these kinds of products include replicas, counterfeit items, and unauthorized copies of copyrighted material.
    1. Not knowing the authenticity or legality of an item shall not release a user from liability when posting an item for sale
    2. Sellers must use their own images and text. If you use images or text created by someone else, be sure you have permission from the rights owner or creator, or you could be subject to legal action from the creator.


Please note that offering a prohibited or potentially infringing item for free (rather than for sale) won't protect you from potential liability. This policy applies to both sellers and buyers.

In addition, SellSwipe reserves the right to remove any listings that we consider inappropriate or unfit for posting. Our policies are often based on applicable laws and regulations, although in some cases, we may make listing decisions based on input from our users and at our own discretion, especially for dangerous or sensitive items.


Prohibited and Restricted Items

In order to provide users with enjoyable experience on SellSwipe, we reserve the right to prohibit and restrict the listing of certain items on our platform.

The following items are not permitted for listing on the SellSwipe platform:

  1. Adoption and surrogacy services
  2. Alcohol
  3. Animals and wildlife products – examples include live animals, mounted specimens, and ivory
  4. Anti-Aging Creams/Lotions
  5. Stolen Art, Art appraised over a certain dollar amount
  6. Artifacts, grave-related items, and Native American arts and crafts
  7. Beverages (with or without alcohol)
  8. Catalytic converters and test pipes
  9. Cell phone (wireless) service contracts
  10. Charity and fundraising goods
  11. Computer hacking tools
  12. Contraceptives/birth control
  13. Heavily used clothing
  14. Contracts in any form
  15. Controlled chemical substances
  16. Used cosmetics/toiletries
  17. Counterfeit/fake/imposter/replica items
  18. Counterfeit currency, stamps or coins
  19. Coupons
  20. Credit cards
  21. Currency
  22. Databases containing personal data
  23. Electronics equipment – examples include cable TV de-scramblers, radar scanners, and traffic signal control devices
  24. Electronic surveillance equipment – examples include wiretapping devices and telephone bugging devices
  25. Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
  26. Escort services/prostitution
  27. Event tickets
  28. Feminine hygiene products
  29. Firearms, weapons, and firearm accessories and parts
  30. Food products (including dietary supplements, baby formulas, meal replacements and animal food)
  31. Gift cards
  32. Government documents, IDs, and licenses
  33. Government, transit, and shipping-related items
  34. Hazardous, restricted, or regulated materials – examples include batteries, fireworks, and refrigerants
  35. Human remains, blood, bodily fluids and body parts
  36. Identity documents, personal financial records and personal information
  37. Illegal/Unlawful Items & services
  38. Illicit Drugs and drug paraphernalia
  39. Importation of goods into the US that are not meant for foreign distribution
  40. Items received through government assistance
  41. Items encouraging illegal activity
  42. Knives (specifically tactical, ballistic and combat weaponry)
  43. Lock-picking devices
  44. Lottery tickets/Sweepstakes entries
  45. Mailing lists and personal information
  46. Medical drugs, devices, and healthcare
  47. Military items (see also firearms, weapons, and knives)
  48. Multi-level marketing, pyramid, and matrix programs
  49. Nudity and pornography including pictures that contain frontal nudity
  50. Offensive material – examples include ethnically or racially offensive material, Confederate and Nazi memorabilia
  51. Pesticides
  52. Plants and seeds
  53. Pirated/hacked software
  54. Police/military/law enforcement uniforms and vehicles
  55. Political memorabilia (reproduction)
  56. Pornography
  57. Postage meters
  58. Prescription drugs
  59. Prohibited services
  60. Real estate
  61. Recalled items
  62. Sex toys
  63. Slot/Video poker machines
  64. Stamps
  65. Stocks and other securities/currency
  66. Stolen property
  67. Surveillance equipment
  68. Telecommunication equipment and/or electronic equipment that is illegal or facilitates illegal/unlawful behavior
  69. Temporary car tags
  70. Tobacco products including vapes and E-cigarettes
  71. Travel
  72. Used underwear/swimwear


In-depth Look

  1. Illegal/Unlawful Items & Services - Items & Services that are prohibited by U.S. law under the jurisdiction of any Federal/State/Municipal government will not be approved. There are no exceptions.

  2. RX/OTC Drugs
- Prescription and/or over-the-counter drugs are considered prohibited and are not permitted.
  3. Food Products -
No food products of any kind are permitted. 
    1. This includes: Dietary Supplements, Baby Formulas, Meal Replacements, and Animal Food.
- Prepared or perishable goods, including dairy and baked goods
- Homemade shelf products, such as jams, jellies, and pickles
- Homemade meals
- Eggs sold outside of the seller's farm

  4. Illicit Drugs & Paraphernalia
- Drugs that are prohibited by law are strictly prohibited. Substances thought to serve as a substitute for illicit drugs (that may or may not be illegal themselves) are prohibited. Products/devices thought to be used in/for the consumption of illicit drugs or otherwise prohibited items are also prohibited. This also includes drugs that may have been legalized in your state.

  5. Beverages
- Beverages with or without alcohol are not permitted. There are no exceptions.
  6. Tobacco/Nicotine
- Tobacco in any form is not permitted for sale via the application. 
    1. This includes e-cigarettes/vape/hookah and related accessories. There are no exceptions.

  7. Animals/Animal Food & Medicine
- Animals or pets of any kind are not permitted for sale.
- Animal food, vaccines, medicine, and breath fresheners.
- Permitted: Pictures of pet taxis, cages, kennels, tanks, etc. MUST NOT show animal.

  8. Guns & Firearm Accessories/Parts
- Strictly prohibited: Assault weapons, pistols, shotguns, or rifles that fire bullets or shells, airsoft guns, pellet guns/bb guns.
- Also prohibited: firearm accessories, weapons parts, magazines, ammunition, tear gas, pepper spray, crossbows, bows & arrows, spear guns, tasers, and stun guns.
  9. Knives & ‘Weapons’
- Strictly Prohibited styles: tactical knives, ballistic knives, combat knives.
- Mace, pepper spray, bear spray, tasers, and other weapons used to subdue humans or animals
    1. Permitted:
- Kitchen/Culinary Knives: Kitchen knives are, by design, utilitarian and when used in accordance with their intended use(s) are not inherently harmful.
- Collectible Knives/blades: Knives that are considered "collectible" by a seller MUST be sold in a case, mounted, framed or accompanied by certifying documents. The pictures and description MUST note and show the item(s) with case, frame and/or certifying documents, if applicable.

  10. Hazard Materials/Explosives
- Any items that are labeled or deemed dangerous or potentially dangerous (regardless of whether handled properly or mishandled). 
    1. This includes toxic substances, explosive devices, fireworks, and pesticides.

  11. Nudity & Pornography
- Pornographic material of any kind is not permitted. This includes printed media and soft media - Nudity, suggested or implied nudity is not permitted. This includes all forms of artwork, photography.

  12. Telecommunications Equipment and/or Electronic Equipment that is illegal or Facilitates Illegal/Unlawful Behavior

    1. This includes, but is not limited to, radar scanners, descramblers, cell phone signal blockers, and related items.
- Tampered with Kindle Fire Sticks, Apple TVs, Google Chromecast, or items like these.

  13. Pyramid Schemes, Multi-Level Marketing, Network Marketing and Related Programs
- Due to the laws and government regulations involved in these processes, we do not allow these types of services.

  14. Contraceptives/Birth Control
- Covers all forms, including condoms, female condoms, birth control pills, patches, shots, sponges, cervical caps, IUD’s, Plan B pills, or any other form of birth control not listed here.
  15. Military/Government Documents
- Any document that is deemed to be Government or Military-originating may be taken down regardless of whether or not it is marked “controlled”, “confidential”, etc.

  16. Personal Credentials
- To prevent identity theft, any listings or photos containing sensitive personal data or software designed to extract sensitive information may be removed at any time.
  17. Police/Military/Law Enforcement Uniforms and Vehicles
- Authentic or replicated law enforcement and military uniforms are not permitted.
  18. Credit/Debit/Gift Cards are strictly prohibited.
    1. Gift cards and reloadable cards can be risky for buyers, as the balance cannot always be verified. Additionally, the card balance can be used or cancelled by the original purchaser.

  19. Used Cosmetics/Toiletries
- All cosmetics, lotions, serums, shampoo, conditioner, perfumes, etc. must be factory sealed and noted “new” in the description/details.

  20. Used Underwear/Swimwear
- All underwear / swimwear must be new and listed as such in the description.
  21. Pirated/Hacked Software
- This includes any software inherently designed to violate intellectual property rights laws.

  22. Medical Devices - Includes new and used equipment / devices, all professional medical equipment and consumer devices that pose sanitation risks.


Contacting Customer Service

You can always contact SellSwipe’s customer service to report a listing or behavior you think violates our policies. We make it our mission to keep customer support no less than a click away. You can either report the listing through the options menu on the listing or email with details of the listing. If you have any issues, please do not hesitate to reach out to our team.

If we determine that a user has violated a policy, we will notify the offender and take the appropriate actions.

Your participation and vigilance as a member of the SellSwipe community is invaluable to creating a rewarding user experience that echoes our key values at SellSwipe


SellSwipe Policies and Guidelines

We are constantly reviewing our policies and guidelines to ensure we are providing the best user experience possible. Anytime we update our policies and guidelines, we will inform you through the application’s notifications center and by email.