In 2015, our CEO wanted to buy flowers for his date that evening. He looked on his phone for a florist, but couldn’t find one near him. However, the moment he walked out of his office, he noticed a florist right across the street. As a shopper who relied on his phone for everything, the experience left him with more questions than answers. Why didn’t he notice that shop on his daily walk to work? Why didn’t it appear on his phone when he was right next to it? The answers to those questions would lead to the formation of SellSwipe.

Locally owned businesses are the backbone of any community. Unfortunately, many struggle to compete and grow as shoppers increasingly turn to the internet to make purchasing decisions. Most local businesses don’t have the resources they need to keep up and innovate on the experience they provide shoppers.

Our mission is to simplify marketing for locally owned businesses so they can focus on what makes them great like their authenticity, uniqueness, and customer service. These values create relationships that reward businesses with repeat business and word of mouth marketing. We want to take these relationships to new heights by empowering shoppers with a platform that helps them buy local.

our goal

our vision

Imagine being on vacation in a city like New Orleans. You open SellSwipe and discover that culture you’ve heard so much about, but you’re feeling and seeing it through the unique stores that call New Orleans home. Now imagine that for every city in America. How would you feel if the perfect shopping experience followed you no matter where you traveled?

Communities grow when shoppers and local businesses work together. In our world, buying local will be the easiest way to reinvest in your community. With a few swipes of your finger, you’ll be able to get what you want, when you want, all while supporting your community.

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